Brave reward lost

hello, this morning after a month of navigation on Brave on my smartphone I wanted to recover my brave rewards. after a loading time, which finally ends, I realize that I have not been credited with my rewards either on the browser or on my uphold account. however, you indicate that uphold users are not affected by this bug, this is not serious. What to do now ? Thank you

Even i have lost my token i had bat token worth of 2.67 usd but then i received pay about that i pressed claim but my account has not been credited and i am left with bat token worth only 1.08 usd this is unfair need this to be resolved

Hi @Jacktsaz - Thanks for reporting. Please see this post for an explanation - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

I have been SCAMMED for 2 months NOW, I have not received credit for using Brave Browser and or clicking on the Brave Ads, I dont know WHAT THE FUDGE is going on if it does this next month I’ll be deleting it as I’m only using it for the incentive program so WHAT THE FUDGE is going on Brave? MY screenshots are below that I got paid ZILCH:

BRAVE, why are you SCAMMING people that use the Browser and Refer friends to use it if your not sticking to your part of the DEAL by paying those that use your Browser?

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