(Phone reset) - Brave rewards not credited

I recently installed Brave browse on my android device,and did manage to collect around 2.650 BAT TOKEN and Brave browse showing the message that my Brave token will be credited within 7 day.

Unknowingly, reset my android phone due to some reason but when i reinstall Brave browse, my all token are gone and that message is also not appearing.

and my uphold account is connected and verified at that time.

What should I do, please help me.

Hi @Ankit-00, was your device verified with Uphold?

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Yes, device is verified with uphold at that time.

hate to break it to you but its most probably gone, should have waited till the payout.

@maniesh how would i know that resetting my Phone will cause that problem, i thought that I will receive my rewards because as mentioned above in rewards section, message was showing that rewards will be credited and my rewards was reset back to zero.

It’s obviously not your fault, they should mention it but I have seen myself and others experiencing the same. BAT rewards are usually in process for 7 days till the actual payout day. And once they are in wallet, only then you should delete/reinstall the app because otherwise they are most likely gone.

Its just brave rewards are not stored anywhere except your wallet. You delete browser before payout, they reset the whole things. I feel bad for you.

That is incorrect. Pending Rewards are NOT stored on your device. If the device was verified with Uphold and connected at the time the OP did the reset then the payment for last month should go to his Uphold account.

@Ankit-00 If you reset it recently (this month itself), there is a chance you can still get it directlt in your Uphold account during this month’s payout which are processing.

@CloggyAbroad @Aman_M hopefully i will recieve those token and yes my uphold account was connected and verified. and rewards are in pending state, before my phone was reset.

i have experinced this same,i reinstalled windows on 1st feb because i was thinking bat are processed so not releated to my browser anymore ,but sadly i didnt got mine rewards,i hope you will get

@mkumar @CloggyAbroad thanka guys for responding to my query.
All pending rewards are credited to my uphold account.

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