Rewards disappeared from my account,

Hi. I had a lot of bat coins, I use brave browser from beginning of the 2021 but never got the rewards to my uphold account, and I never got the option to connect one to my android brave browser, but I have connected it to my pc browser vs sync. From my pc I get paid every month.

I have used this link: brave://rewards-internals.

How can I recover this coins?
Thank you

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I’m noticing a similar issue; when I open a new tab in my browser window, and then look at my estimated earnings, it has shot to .10 from .815. This is the second time this week that’s happened. Also, I still have not received my Brave Rewards from last month and I have a verified Uphold account.

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Hi, My rewards seem to have disappeared. Also no ads appear to have been served for a couple of weeks as far as I can recall. I am not sure if the two issues are related. Here are the screenshots required. As far as I can tell they are nowhere to be found but please bear with me as I’m new to Brave and BATs. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Using VPN? - yes, but always from supported countries. I do the same on my phone and so far haven’t had any issues.

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