Rewards from browser won't credit to uphold wallet. Can't find a solution

My BAT rewards that are viewable in my Brave Browser are not transferring to uphold. Verified uphold around 15th May, contacted them and they said it’s fine their end and must wait for Brave to make a transfer but that date came and went and still no Brave in my uphold account, still sitting in my Brave browser wallet. I posted here with no reply and this post perhaps most accurately describes the problem. I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I have the same problem. I’ve been working with the Brave browser for about a year, and now that I’m looking for an Up Hold wallet, they say we don’t have any token there, and even when my account was verified, there was still no sign of the token, and The brave are silent about it. This theft is obvious. I worked with NetBox browser for three months, during which time he paid me 100 tokens which Value is more than BAT. In this situation
, I do not recommend anyone to use the Brave browser.

Still the same issue, and still no reply from the community?

Just DM your internals to the moderators and support staff along with your problem. They will be able to help you.

Thanks, but how do I identify who is a moderator, and what are my internals?

View your internals by typing this in your address bar: brave://rewards-internals/
There are many moderators out there, but for my problems I contact @steeven . He is super-helpful and will help you out with your problems.
To identify the moderators here in this community watch for this badge.
:red_circle: link

For me is the same thing .I send a DM to steeven but until now no solution.

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