Brave Requesting access to kdewallet also chrashes(Arch Linux KDE) (Brave Version

Hi i am using brave for the past 1 and in a day 2 years and im actually typing this on it but brave now is crashing every like every 10 minutes it crashes a tab or the whole browser
but that doesn’t really affect me the thing that affects me is that it requests my wallet which doesn’t still have any money in it but i dont want it asking for permission to my wallet
and i also wanted to point out that almost everytime i close brave im logged out from every account i was logged in.
also now im editing this for the 3rd time and my browser closes every second now and i dont know what is going on so before you fix the problem im experincing
i will use firefox for now

@SFYM two things I hope you can do.

  1. Go to brave://crashes and share any Uploaded Crash Report ID you have. Do a favor and copy/paste it. Screenshots makes it harder for devs to pull it up and look. * NOTE *: If it says Send Now you’ll need to click it and then exit Brave for like 30 seconds so it will upload, then it will show the Uploaded Crash Report ID

  2. Create a new profile and see if you have the same issue on that. New profile is Hamburger MenuimageMore ToolsAdd new profile

This is something Chrome and many other browsers do. It’s trying to get your keyring access because it’s how your passwords and everything get encrypted. If you don’t give Brave access, then you won’t be able to use Sync, save passwords, etc.

I did what you told me i can do and now brave works fine but you said that it needed the wallet for keyrings for encryption on passwords and now it doesn’t ask me that but i sure would like my passwords to be encrypted so is there any way i can give brave permission to the kdewallet for keyrings?

You mean creating new profile? If so, that makes it seem like it might be an extension or something causing problems. The difference between normal profile and new profile is new profile has:

  • No cookies
  • Default settings
  • No extensions.

So just have to figure out which of the three

Open the Passwords and Keys app on your system, click Login and check for Brave Safe Storage (I believe that is how it will be shown here).

Kind of can see some details at BRAVE Sync - ERROR SECURE STORAGE - SYNC DISABLED - #6 by Mattches

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