Hack done after this browser crashed

Im new here so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong. I feel
this is serious and i believe I have the screenshot of the crash report
but i have to find it on several USB sticks I forgot which…

So Im on a Linux mint OS, with basic security, I have a VPN and the only
extension on Brave was my VPN I pay for . So I had 2 VPNs like a multi
hop with my browser and on my OS.

There is a cyber stalker who follows me in chats, he is a lunatic and I just thought
of him as a troll. He did mention he knew I was on a VPN a couple months
before the hack so Im guessing he used wireshark or something close to that.

So my Brave browser crashes ( linux made a crash report ). 5 minutes after the crash
this lunatic is in my account typing as me things that are illegal. Im guessing he
forced this crash to hijack my accounts, bruteforce etc… Its only the 1 account that
he got access too. As for basic security, I installed the distro with home folder which
includes desktop to be password protected… Im thinking he got stuff off brave and
this is a browser with 2 accounts that use fake names… This happened 2 months ago.
I used this browser 2 years, its the first time a security issue like this happened.

@JimmyC5 I’m just here to tag @fmarier in case they have anything to say. Also was going to say whenever you have any issues with privacy or security, you can also contact via [email protected] with any issues or concerns. It’s something Brave takes seriously and will always at least try to look into things.

Your report looks truthful and proper to me, unlike some other reports.

Brave is on chromium, so it automatically gets security updates from chromium team.

My guess is he either spear-phished you and somehow guessed the password and the brave crash was a coincidence.
Or he got malware on your device and then activated this malware to do stuff. He might be sitting in your wifi router as of right now.
I would suggest doing a deep scan of your device via ClamAV https://www.clamav.net/.

Also, I would suggest encrypting your OS, folders etc via Dmcrypt, Luks, Veracrypt etc, have a firewall.

Yea the firewall i used was the one my vpn offered as they said linux has connection
issues with the firewall on. So they had me disable mine and use their own, also im behind a router/modem with its own NAT firewall. So he didn’t have my real IP but knew which browser to exploit. I did a clean install. But I got some logs, like firewall logs I enable anyways ( im gonna have someone look at that. Clamav i understand is for windows viruses ( i still have it ) so i didn’t use it. I did a rootkit scan with rkhunter, it showed no suspicious ports open, no malware only 1 suspicious system config but i just did a fresh install now with more security and its given 5 suspicious things. I found netstat logs, the crash report. It says it crashed due to signal Sigbus error. I logged lots of stuff and screenshotted it. The router Im using is a new one I bought. Its very secure. Im gonna post logs to see false positives or not. I got a good rkhunter scan for a system compromised going 2 years. Yea the updates come from the repos by the chromium team. But i have seen ppl log into accounts not even needing a password using a program in some hacking distro.

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