Brave just lost a years worth of rewards

Hey. I’ve been using brave full time for a year or so with no issues, but after installing the latest update about an hour ago it just randomly started crashing every time I opened it. I had about 10 seconds to get in and export what i could before it silently crashed and the only way to get it stable again was to completely wipe it from my machine and reinstall.

Passwords / history etc isnt an issue, but I’ve lost a years worth of brave rewards and countless hours of custom overrides for various sites. Overrides is understandable because they were tied to an extension (I have some backups somewhere, I think!) but I assumed my wallet stuff was saved separate to the browser. I don’t know why I assumed that, but you kept telling me I had $x and I didn’t expect it to disappear.

I tried various things before going nuclear, the classic mac “delete the plist” manouevre, clearing out cookies and caches and so on. My own fault for not checking, I know. But it sucks :frowning:

I’m on Montery, Intel chip (2019 16")

When you un/reinstalled/went nuclear — you imply that you’ve also deleted the user data folder/info as well?

Yeh, the lot. It’s entirely my own fault – but I assumed the $ amount would be protected, somewhere. Somehow…

It’s not the end of the world, it wasn’t a huge amount. The pain of getting my browsing history back is going to be worse to be honest :laughing:

@oark99 are you able to send me your Wallet Payment ID? How much BAT in total was lost?

I will DM you - bear with me :slight_smile:

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