Any questions about updated clause 19.4

Hello, Brave support team.
I need to know more about an updated referral program about clause 19.4:

  • We will not allow traffic to first visit the brave landing page [True or False]
  • When advertising an ad campaign, we must not use contract words that contain: brave … Brave Browser … [True or False]
  • For affiliate advertising we need to drive traffic to another source before that traffic hits the brave landing page [True or False]
  • Is the title of my ad campaign set as follows:
    Example 1: Brave Browser with Adblocker | Secure, Fast & Private Web
    Example 2: Brave Browser with Adblocker | Free Download
    (The bidding keywords certainly we will not put: brave…Brave Browser …)
    But whether the title of the ad we set is such a violation of the terms.
    Hope the team please help me explain.
    Thank you

I have the same question.

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I have a question…

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account with a name: Brave fan page where you share Brave news but also your referral links. Would it also be prohibited because it bears the word Brave on behalf of the account? I would like someone to clarify it to me.

I’d like to know because I have a Brave Twitter fan account and I don’t know if that includes the rules. If you can not put Brave in the title, or use logos, or anything, please decide here to take appropriate action and delete or make changes to the account.

Thank you.


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I need a supportive answer.
Let us continue promoting this great browser

In my opinion grey area, since some users could think thats the official Brave fan page.

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