Somebody is brand bidding on brave's keywords and impersonating other creator

Hello Brave team,

Brand bidding is the issue you know well and I wouldn’t normally complain about them because you guys can catch them. But being a publisher myself, I couldn’t help but report this issue.

I have found that is running google ads on brave branded keywords and its website is a complete ripoff of brave site. The main issue is that when you click this site on google ads, it opens a page with URL and if you copy the download brave for windows 64-Bit button link on that site it is as to imply that the publisher running this ad is the publisher with referral code nhj763.

But if you actually download brave from the above link it redirects to So, the real person to run this ad is the person with referral code AMX672 and probably is going get some innocent person in trouble. You can see screenshots below.


Thanks for reporting @sebon! I’ve passed it along to the appropriate team members.

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