New TOS No Brave brand bidding

Brave has just updated TOS to not allow any Brand Bidding anymore and such accounts will be permanently closed. Just a tip to other advertisers, you can stil bid on generic terms as Free Browser, New Brwoser, Private browser in Google, Yahoo and Bing, just add the brave keyword to negative keyword list, along with brave browser, brave download, bat browser, that it wont accidently appear to generic keywords. Conversions will be worse, so lets hope Brave team will increase rewards a bit for each group, since all organic traffic from now on they will be getting for free.

Theyve also sent out the emails to publishers with this info.


Received as well. Good to see some proper rules in place. Will cost me referrals, but I’m ok with that as I prefer clarity and want to play by the book.

@steeven @chriscat I have a few questions relating to the new TOS as I want to be 100% clear on how I read it;

  • So you arent alllowed to advertise on any keywords with Brave in it? So all of the rest excluding Brave is allowed?

  • Website URLs that have Brave in the name aren’t allowed? And websites that look like the Brave website aren’t allowed either?

  • RE URLs with Brave in them; should they be taken offline, or is it only in relation to the paid advertising element? ie. not sending paid traffic to them.

  • Are we still ba able to use the branding pack? Or will this be changed now too?

  • Will the existing referrals that were generated before yesterdays updated TOS still be paid out accordingly? Even if the website URL might contain Brave? Or how does this work?

Sorry for all the questions, but want to make sure I understand it right. Maybe an FAQ relating to this can be done?



@steeve @chriscat @asad
I have now received the notification.
It’s OK .
I immediately suspended the ad campaigns.
But I’m very interested in the queries posed by obrndk.


Honestly, generally on the drum. Why should I suffer because of their updates? My account still does not work correctly. Already January 17th. And it starts to enrage me. What will happen to those days when they did not just charge coins? What now? why don’t I get rewards, although the graph shows that there are confirmations. Why did the main panel freeze? This month I worked very fruitfully, but in the end I get some garbage. Why was it impossible to inform in advance about all the technical problems, what would be going over to the new rules, etc.? I don’t advertise the browser in Google adsense or anything else. I have a group in social networks. YouTube channel.
And what the hell is that? How to promote a product without mentioning its name? ahahah. You download - download, and do not ask unnecessary questions. I do not understand anything.


Good questions here, especially the last one since people have invested a lot of time and money promoting Brave. I hope they do the right thing and pay the publishers who have gotten them the 10 million + users they now have.

I dont think that having a brave keyword in the domain name is forbidden as of now. It could get forbidden on further updates, since its a brand and majority of the companies forbid it. From now on its strictly forbidden to bid on their keywords in all GEO groups, typos and misspells included.

If you are interested how far the companies go to protect their brand, you can check it here: UDRP is United Domain Resolution Procedure.

Ive just read the new TOS again and its obvious to me that also the direct links are not allowed anymore. Target group when clicking the ad should be 100% aware they are clicking on publishers ad and not the ad. If you put the direct link, target group clicking the ad thinks theyve landed on ad. That is very much impersonating their brand.

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Hi @obrndk!

  • No, no keywords with “brave” in the text are allowed.
  • URLs with Brave in it are heavily discouraged, but if your site makes it obvious that it’s a fan site and no Brave assets are being used improperly, we may be okay with it. Generally, though, it’s a risk that I would suggest not taking.
  • Any offending sites that break the impersonation rule would need to be taken offline entirely.
  • You can still use the official Brave assets pack. Just make sure that your site is VERY obviously a fan site. Generally, we suggest that text such as “this site is a fan site and is not officially affiilated with Brave Software, inc.” be visible the moment someone enters your page.
  • Any existing referrals will be carried over.

@Asad Where can I find the official Brave assets pack?

You can grab official Brave assets here:


Thanks @Asad. Is allowed extract content from an oficcial video like this?

Is it possible to use a Russian language website for a referral company? I pointed out that this is not an official site.

I believe they will not answer to individual queries, because if they start to do that, oh my gosh they have tens of thousands publishers…

If I were you, I would add another word to .ru domain and not simply only.

Hello Asad,

may I know is it allowed to use Brave brandname in the advertisment? Let’s say I have a campaign in Google Ads and I promote domain with keyword “internet browser”. And the ad says for ex. “Download Brave Browser and enjoy fast browsing”

Looking forward to hearing from you.

We would also appreciate an email where we can report the ads if we find them, hidden in Japan or New Zealand bidding on Brave keywords.


agree. been seeing quite a few advertisers still advertising on brand. Reporrting these cases would be only fair

and Russia? there are ads that work for keywords

I think it is big risk to bid any keywords in google ads. How would Brave know what keywords the referrer used when they only see traffic source is from ?
So you might get accused that you used branded keywords even if you did not.

Tell me if im wrong here

PS. i can still see multiple different users bidding “brave Browser” when i make google search

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I think they will not answer the question, since the digging does not reveal the verification mechanisms.

Google Ads is providing information about bidders for given keywords. Although, it is hard to say where the downloads coming from, it is quite easy to test and regularly follow given keywords on Google - e.g.

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You can use “Brave” in copy on your website, that’s fine. What’s NOT okay is using “brave” anywhere in your ad campaign’s keywords.