Brave Private window with Tor leaks system data when compared with offical Tor browser

When compared with actual Tor browser using this tool LocateJS, you can see the difference. I did a cursory google search, and couldn’t see anyone else mention this.

Note that Private Windows with Tor Connectivity in Brave are just regular private windows that use Tor as a proxy. Brave does NOT implement most of the privacy protections from Tor Browser.

I feel that it’s slightly misleading to market it as a private Tor window when it lacks the privacy of Tor. IMO there should be a warning attached. I like the browser generally though.

What I am thinking is a popup when you open the Private with Tor window that states that it is not as secure as offical Tor browser. With a checkbox that says something like “don’t show this message again”.


I think developers have made it clear that a Tor private window is not the same as using the Tor browser.


In addition to that, they have included a Learn more about Tor in Brave button that leads to the article I linked in my previous comment.

Anyway, you could open a Github ticket and propose changes. Feedback is always welcome for developers, they might change the template or something similar.

I will do that thanks

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