Can I trust Brave with Tor?

As the title specifies, Can I trust Brave for Tor?
Normally, I prefer a dedicated Tor browser for dark webs and use Brave for small tor tasks.

Seeking for the right answer.

Brave are pretty up front with this it seems, so read the link if you haven’t already. Hopefully the link answers your questions / concerns / queries in conjunction with what you personally, are doing, and the amount of privacy you desire.

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It’s not clear what you’re really asking.

Do you think Brave is not really using the Tor network?

Then use strace and Wireshark to verify (I see you’re on Linux)

Obviously not. I would not even see the Tor success message if Brave has not used the Tor network.

My only curiosity was to only know if Brave Tor is as secure as the dedicated Tor browser.

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