Tor Questions & Initial Feedback

Just installed Brave and have been working through its features. I’ve also been reading the site FAQ. One thing I’m unsure about is the TOR operation. My IT level is average and I know a little about TOR but the two questions I have (and which the info doesn’t cover) are:

  1. I thought you always had to run the TOR browser to use the system. How does Brave run a TOR private window without using the browser?

  2. More importantly, if I open a TOR, window does that mean that other TOR users are sending data through my PC? And can TOR users route through my PC whether or not I have a TOR private window open in Brave.

My initial impressions of the browser are positive though (migrating from Firefox) I miss the bookmarks sidebar and the granularity of javascript control offered by the NoScript add-on.

  1. Brave have Tor binaries (?)/components (?) integrated to the browser itself. So it’s independent from Tor browser.

  2. No – it just help to reroute your traffic via Tor relays. You’re not the “relay” itself.

Eljuno - many thanks for the clarification. I’ve never used Tor before and didn’t fancy being part of the Tor network. Thanks for putting my mind at rest.

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