Latest release supporting "new private tab with tor"?

Description of the issue:
I want to know if the latest brave build keeps on supporting “new private tab with tor”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave is not currently installed. I want to make sure of it having feature that I use brave for.

Additional Information:

want to ask simple questions about tor network implementation in brave.
according to this link , brave seems to support private tab with tor, meaning general tab and tor tab can then be within the same window.

but most of other search result shows different option menu “new private window with tor” which probably means it’s separate window for the dedicated tor network.

so, which one would it be, window or tab?

additional question is, what’s the difference between tor browser and tor tab supported by brave, in terms of privacy and performance and the likes?

thank you all!

That article looks pretty old (2018?), maybe the implementation plan was different back then. At least right now, it’s implemented as a separate window.

I can’t answer all of these questions in great detail, but maybe this will at least help:

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