Brave on Mac crashes when trying to make payments

I just tried to pay for something at (via a debit card window) and Brave (v1.41.99 on Mac 10.15.7) crashed. There were several tabs open at the time but I assume that it was the tab because when I tried several times with just that tab open, it crashed every time. I eventually had to pay using another browser (Vivaldi).

I have had a few crashes in the last week or so which may have been linked to form submissions but I cannot be certain.

I can’t troubleshoot much more at the moment because I don’t want to make any more payments but I will try again, probably tomorrow.

Hi @okulo, thanks for writing in. This crash was fixed on the most recent release. Can you update to 1.41.100? Thank you!

Brave just updated itself the last time I rebooted and unfortunately just as I managed to pay using Vivaldi so I missed the fix by accident. I’ll check it out when I update my order tomorrow.


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