Brave on iOS duplicates existing bookmarks and on deletion of one, deletes both

I’ve experienced this weird thing in Brave on iOS where I want to bookmark a page to a specific folder, but Brave instead of creating new entry duplicates some existing entry. And when I want to delete the duplicate, it just erases BOTH! And now I’m just too scared to even bookmark anything because of this as I can’t keep track of what’s deleting afterwards and don’t want to lose bookmarks. Anyone else experiencing this?

@RejZoR Thanks for reporting. Can you please let us know on which brave version are you seeing this issue. Also please provide the device details (iPhone version).


It’s iPhone XR with iOS 12.3.1 and Brave 1.9.3.

I’ve now checked further after backing up bookmarks so I won’t lose them…

Bookmarking a webpage creates duplicate bookmark (two entries) in a rather random location within the selected folder. It doesn’t place new bookmark at the beginning or the end. It just places it somewhere in the middle of the bookmarks scroll list for some reason which is odd. It should always place the new entry all the way at the bottom of the scroll list.

Also, if the newly created bookmark happens to be created between two folders, deleting said bookmark will trigger a dialog warning user he’s about to delete a folder even though you’re just be deleting a bookmark and not a folder.

Please check this and if can’t be reproduced, let me know so I can check out the specifics.

Thanks for the report, do you have sync enabled?

Yes, I am using Sync.

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