Some of my bookmarks are missing

iOS version - 16.0.3 (latest)
Brave version - 1.43 (latest)

I had more than 500 bookmarks.
Yesterday, I swiped big time to go to the end of bookmarks list , to delete a duplicate. When I reached the end, I swiped from right to left on the bookmark to delete it, but did it too fast, and bookmarks dialogue window closed. I decided I will do it later when I go back home. When I went home, I did it again, but noticed that the list is shorter (swiped way to short to go to the end), than I deleted the duplicate successfully, but I decided to see if I miss some old bookmarks and … surprise surprise - four old bookmarks that I use often does not appear.

I have not synced, and I never deleted anything previously. What might have been happened? Is that fast swipe that closed the window a kind if bug or… ?

I fear I might lost important bookmarks. Since we don’t have bookmarks counter , I don’t know what the number was originally.

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Hello there @Gorg please accept my apologies for the bookmarks you are missing from your browser.

Are those bookmarks only missing on your mobile device or in the desktop version as well? If they are only missing on your ios device, try syncing them to see if they appear.

To start a Sync Chain from Brave Browser on your iOS device:

  1. Open the Menu, go to Settings → Other Settings → Sync.
  2. Select Start a new Sync Chain to add a new mobile device or computer to the newly created Chain.
  3. You will be shown a QR code to scan when adding mobile devices, or a word code when adding a computer.
  4. Once you enter the Sync Chain Code, please wait as we connect your devices via Sync Chain. Select ‘OK’ or the ‘X’ close button. You will be returned to the main Brave Sync page with your devices in the sync chain listed.

Let me know if that works.

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