Problem with reopen closed tabs after starting Brave

I have noticed that from time to time when I closed Brave browser on Windows with quite a lot of tabs open (around 80) and I reopen it especially after restarting computer some of these tabs are missing.
To specify, I have turned on the option that I want to start the browser from the point where I have closed it lately.
About closed tabs, that’s rather with some active tabs like videos played or some documents in edit mode.

Does anyone know how to fix it, so I will get open all tabs every time I reopen Brave?
And if it will reach to support please look at this because it is really annoying bug which leave unpleasant experience with this browser.

Additional Information:

I am using Windows app.
I am always using up-to-date version of Brave but this thing I have seen more often lately with version v1.48.158 from (Feb 7, 2023)

Not sure what the problem could be. Maybe someone from support could help out. @Mattches might be able to help.

Can you tell me what specific sites disappear when this happens? Is it always the same sites? And to be clear, no other tabs or data is gone when re-opening the browser?

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