Brave Not Deleting HIstory and No Option to Save On Exit Settings

Brave clearly is deceiving its users about deleting history and it actually retains all of your history. You can see for yourself by going to Get Started in the settings and select “Continue where you left off”, then go and manually clear everything for all time. Wait 30 seconds, close the browser, wait some more then open it again and all of your history is still there. Just shows, Brave is a data collecting scam. If you manually clear everything before closing the browser that is technically where you left off, with a clean cleared slate but apparently thats not the case with Brave

For me, I can not save any settings for Clear Browsing History On Exit. The save button is grayed out regardless of what is selected or not selected. But it doesn’t matter anyway, regardless if I could save those settings to clear everything on closing brave obviously does not delete your history


What is you device and operating system?

seems to be your case specificly, cause as for me, it still works.

Hello @ThisBrowserIsAScam, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Brave does NOT collect, monitor, or store user data. To know how to delete browser data efficiently, please read:



I’m experiencing the same problem, the “on exit” tab doesn’t enable the save option before selecting items to delete.
How did you solve this?

Hello @drendona, can you please share a screenshot to have a better idea where you are seeing this issue?

No matter the options selected, the “save” button never seems available.

Same problem happening here. No matter which option you select, the Save button doesn’t enable. I also have Brave Rewards enabled, I don’t know if this changes anything.

Windows version: 11 - 21H2

Brave is not deceiving, but is just a normal bug.


I’ve filed an issue for this — may be related to a similar issue regarding this tab:

I’ve found a *solution for this problem. Brave allowed me to save my settings on the “on exit” tab accessing it via Menu / Settings / privacy and security / Clear browsing data, instead of accessing it directly through Menu / More tools / Clear browsing data…

Someone also came with this workaround

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