Search History Not Being Deleted

My history is set to delete all files on exit. Yet Brave is still retaining my history because its visible through ‘recently closed’ when you right click on the brave icon.

Please advise how to ensure all files are deleted?

Hey gss01,

When you clear your browsing data, what do you see when you go to brave://history/?

Also, what is the Time range set to?

Hi Adrian,
I have all items ticked within ‘clear broswing data’ on exit as per the above screenshot.

brave://history/ shows no history i.e. its been deleted.

Yet when everytime I open the browser and right click on the brave icon, its shows the most recent websites, under recently closed

This is because you closed the browser with those tabs open. To avoid this, close all tabs except for one new tab, go to Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data and clear your data, or since you have it set to close on exit, simply close/quit the browser.

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