Regarding "Clearing Browser Data"

I have seen one recent change in the latest updates, that Brave has removed the option to “Clear Browsing Data automatically On Exit


the button seems to be disabled. this leaves my browsing data stored even after I close brave.

Help me with this, asap!

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You have to select something to clear!
Like browsing history, cookies and cached images

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Same behavior here.

For me alll works fine.

What version do you use? Menu --> About Brave

This is a known issue that will be fixed in version 1.48.x scheduled for Feb 7.

In this version (1.46.144) If you go to brave://settings/privacy and select Clear browsing data the UI is working there.

Hope this helps. Take care.

Edit: Picked up wrong fix version and release date (I think) so changed. Posting related Brave GitHub Report for reference.

Adding: my experience is this is a setting that’s not transferred between Brave instances when I use Brave’s sync. I’ve had to update this setting in alternate Brave instances manually.

Also, though this thread is tagged for ‘Windows’, I’ve encountered the same behavior in linux.

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