Brave 0.57.18 - No option for deleting history after closing


I really loved having all my history deleted automatically after closing Brave - it helped me a great deal.
I can no longer find it within the new version. It is only possible to delete all browsing history manually.

Is it gone altogether? :worried:


Hi @aliboy,

Yes, for now clear data on exit is not available on the new Brave yet. Logged issue here to bring it back

Thanks for using Brave


@aliboy I am waiting on the issue mentioned by @eljuno . This is what I am doing for now. Before closing Brave open a New Tab Page and go to bottom right of screen
and open history.
On the history page select clear browsing data

Check what you want removed (I use the advanced tab) being sure to scroll through all options and un-check anything you would keep. Once you set this it is only 3 clicks to delete (without going through settings. For now it works for me.v01



@kbounds56 @aliboy In short, you can use Ctrl + Shift + Delete (for Windows, and equivalent for MacOS) for the shortcut for Clear browser data. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @eljuno , as a linux noob is there a keyboard short-cut for linux ?:sunglasses:

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