How do I have a clear history?

Hello, I hate clearing my history manually, does anyone know how to do it automatically? If not, Brave can you add that please.

Hello @Samue1

go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData then go to on exit tab and select what you want to be cleared


Thanks for the quick response, but I was looking for a way for my history to delete for me, without any effort, as history can slow my computer down. Also a way so that the back button’s history is maintained, as some times when you clear history it can delete ‘return’ information on a site.

you welcome @Samue1

this is a one time setup you do it and everytime you close brave it clear whatever you select

it will run only when you exit brave so the back and all stuff will stay the same till you exit brave

Hello and thanks, but the problem I’m having is that it wont let me clear history when I exit, as when I select things on the ‘on exit’ part of the history setting, it does not let me ‘save’ the info I put in.

you mean the save button is disable/greyed right?

if yes then could you disable all extensions you have and try again

I don’t have any extensions, I think.

go to brave://extensions/ to make sure you have nothing there and if you find any then disable it

I just did and it did not work.

could you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData then advanced then choose all time from the time range then choose all option you would select same as on exit tab then clear data then close brave then make sure brave is not running in the windows task manager close it if it does

then open brave again and see if it allow you to save the on exit option again

It does not work, also I want it to delete history as I’m browsing like Firefox.

Screenshot from 2023-01-20 21-56-57

are you sure you select those option on the advanced tab?

if yes could you restart your windows (restart not shutdown then start esspcialy if you use windows 10 or 11)

then try again

I did, but that will be deleting my history manually, where as I want it to delete as I brows the internet.

you said that the save button on the exit tab does not work so that what i am trying to solve

when you choose the advanced tab and clear the data does your history cleared?

does the save button on the exit tab work now (it will activate only when you change one of the option there by select or deselect)

The history clears, but the save button does not work.

could you go to brave://settings/cookies and select Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows

and see if that help

I did that, it does not work and I want my history to clear, I even tried extensions but they did no help.

then let me ask @Mattches from the team to help you

@Mattches he asking to make brave auto clear history on exit but when he go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData the save button is disabled

i asked him to clear it manually (using advanced tab) and also to disable all extension but the save button still does not want to be activated

Edit: @Mattches he confirm that he has latest vversion with windows 10 pro

@Samue1 could you go to brave://settings/help and make sure that brave version is
Version 1.47.171

and what is your windows version ?

Thanks, for the help!

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I have fully updated brave, I have windows 10 pro.

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