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I understand that your are moving to chromium and that it is probably still a work in progress.

I am a (happy) long time user of Brave and I have just provisioned a new Windows laptop. Obviously my first order of business was to install Brave… and for a moment to be completely lost :slight_smile:

My question is pretty simple: where is the sync feature ?!

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Hi @atakacs,
Thanks for using Brave.

First, please search for existing thread before open a new one. Keyword “Sync” with “Latest post” sorting will show similar topics. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brave Sync is not yet available for Brave 0.56.x and higher. It’s still in the works and testing phase.

Thanks for your patience

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As a matter of fact I did research the community but did no find anything specifically about synch being dropped from current builds. Is there a list of all the regressions ?

This is what I see when searching for sync, sorted by most recent. Sorting by relevance doesn’t make it much different. Do you see something significantly different ?

Sync is being tested for build. Here’s a list of issues with sync which is being worked on.

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It’s still being tested.

But Brave features website mentions about sync as “Sync your devices bravely”. But I understand this is for muon based browser.

This will be confusing for new users or users who switch to chromium Brave.

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Thanks for confirming that - I was really confused by the whole Chromium switch (which was far from obvious for the unsuspecting user…).

Yep - very confusing to new users: I just spent a happy 30 minutes trying to work out why I couldn’t change the “Sync disabled - not signing in” setting on one laptop.

It’s a shame because I have two laptops, and it would be useful not to have to reconfigure my browsing and bookmarks in both… :thinking:

We are testing sync feature and will be available very soon. Do note its still early beta so there are bugs in it. If you are on beta channel you can try it but at your own risk by launching with a command line flag so making it difficult to use it as daily driver.

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Thank you, sriram. What would be the command line flag necessary to try out this feature?

If you are running Windows you can launch from command prompt by typing the following

For Linux you can just type in brave-browser-beta --enable-brave-sync in terminal

Just note its only on beta and dev only so choose the correct folder from Program Files (x86).

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