Sync and general suggestions regarding new version

I welcome the latest update to Brave, as I prefer the Chrome style of the interface and the flexibility to install a wider range of Extensions.

That said, I’m really confused as to features that have disappeared with explanations either non-existent or buried somewhere in Github I cannot find. All bug reports and feature requests seem to be mixed in for both versions. It isn’t really clear how to even refer to old and new versions (Brave Muon vs Brave Chromium?). I think you need some different branding for the new version, and clean up Github so things relating to the old version are separate from the new version. A number of features disappeared, without clear information about how to restore them, or whether they would return in the future.

Foremost for me is Sync. It is really useful to be able to sync browser bookmarks, settings, history and other things between my main browser on different computers. Brave Muon had this, but the feature is missing from Brave Chromium (I have no idea how to refer to the different versions). The only reference I can find says that you have turned off Google syncing in the new version. But the old version didn’t use Google to sync, so what has happened with this? Can we expect it to return in a future update? Are there extensions that can fulfill this feature for people that want it now?

I think you have a responsibility to better inform your users of major changes like this, otherwise you aren’t providing any value compared to running Chrome with uBlock installed, Duck Duck Go as the default browser, and not signing into Google. BAT is interesting, but doesn’t clearly add much benefit for the user.

It would be great if you could answer my questions about Sync, and next time you do an update, try not to remove features and if you must, provide much clearer support.

Hi @dunxd,
Thanks for the feedback and for using Brave.

In regards of GitHub repositories, it’s already separated:

  • ~/brave/browser-laptop is for the old Brave (muon)
  • the new Brave Browser (brave-core) is under ~/brave/brave-browser.

Also apologies for the confusion. Yes, some features from prev. Brave is missing in the new Brave. But many of them already logged and in progress. It’s in active development.

Brave Syns is not available yet. The cross-platform sync is still in the works. If not changed, planned to arrive this year.

Hope this one make it clear for you. And I hope I’m not missing things.


Totally agree : We need a good sync mechanism between PC/Mac/Android/iOS !

It would be a very good Christmas gift :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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This (the sync issue) is the reason i can´t use Brave, love this browser but i have other devices i use all the time, and i need to sync my work between them, like chrome does, and does so well. why this is not a urgent issue most people have more than one device, for me its super convenient to sync password/ history /etc and continue to work in another platform/device.

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Thanks for clarifying. This naming convention is a bit opaque to end users of your products.

Can I suggest you un-disable the Google sign in feature until sync without Google account is available? That at least would keep people who need the sync feature using Brave until brave-sync is available - rather than switching back to Chrome with uTorrent etc.


Brave Muon - Previous Brave build, last supported version is v0.26.x
Brave Core - New Brave build, “chromium” , currently stable release sits at v0.57.18.
As @eljuno mentioned, the two builds are entirely separate Github repositories. If you see a feature request in Brave-browser, then it’s for Brave Core. If it’s in browser-laptop it’s for Brave Muon (which is being depreciated anyway so looking there won’t do anyone much good).

Brave Core is still being worked on. We’re easing ourselves into this transition the same way you (and our other users) are. New features and design implementations are still being added. As for knowing what is or isn’t included in each build, there’s a label made specifically for this reason (Github) titled browser-laptop-parity - these are features that were present in Brave Muon that we’re working on implementing core. For example:

Sync is currently in Beta testing right now. There’s also a Sync label on Github where you can view Sync issues and progress. There may be extensions that do this for you, but you’d have to look for them. I wouldn’t recommend using a 3p extension though.

We’ve been telling users about Brave Core, the update, the switch to Chromium, lack of features (and inclusion of new ones) for a very long time. This blog post announcing the rewrite was made in March. Then we announced when it was made available to the public for both Developer and Beta builds and when we pushed it to Release (stable) channel.

These changes/annoucements were made here on Community and across all social channels like Reddit, Twitter, etc. We have a Help Center which helps users navigate the new build (articles still being written/added). For users migrating from the Muon build, we have this Help Center article in particular:

And for anyone who had trouble migrating, we’ve got this thread here on Community.
Users who want to “wait” for feature parity are more than welcome to use the (outdated, potentially insecure) Muon build.

:point_up: I think what you meant to say was “[…] doesn’t clearly add much benefit for me”.
BAT is one of the main driving forces for Brave. It allows users (all users, that is) to support content creators and websites of their choosing directly (that is, without doing it through advertisers). Furthermore, it allows you to do this automatically based on your attention, meaning you (technically) don’t have to do anything in order to support the sites and publishers you enjoy.

Our BAT Communities are strong, vocal, and only growing larger. With Brave Ads platform on the horizon - which offers to pay you for your attention as well - and Brave Rewards development being rounded out you can expect to see BAT get a lot bigger and more relevant in the browser space. Saying that it “doesn’t provide value to the user” is factually untrue - literally, we’re about to start paying you (value).

In addition, Brave offers your fast, reliable and privacy/security focused browsing, Shields which protect you from 3rd party cookies, ads/trackers, malware/phishing, browser fingerprinting, cryptomining, (just to name a few), the BAT/Rewards platform built-in, Private Windows with integrated Tor functionality and support for all extensions all by default out of the box - no downloads, additional installations or plugins required.

Sounds like value to me!

Absolutely not.

One of the main goals of Brave is to not send your data to google or any other third party to be collected for any reason without your explicit consent. When you Sync your information using Google’s Sync services, you’re inherently agreeing to their privacy/security policy. If you’re not concerned about privacy or what happens to your data, then yeah, you might as well be using Chrome anyway. But we won’t be enabling Syncing to Google services of any kind.

We appreciate your feedback and I think that a little bit of patience in the future and a bit more research will reveal answers to your questions and concerns.

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