When passwords will sync?

I’m asking if it will take long to sync passwords between devices.

Hi, there is currently a survey related to your topic. Among other things it asks if the community is interested in a synchronization of the passwords. I recommend that you participate in the survey:


Thanks. Hope brave people listen to this survey

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Suggestion: seriously consider third-party password managers which work across operating systems and browsers.

A good principle for data security: data isn’t data until it’s elsewhere. Storing passwords — or anything — in only one place is fundamentally insecure. Relying on Brave’s password manager — or any other browser’s internal / proprietary password manager — is flawed security.

Historically, I liked https://lastpass.com/ … until I didn’t. Mid-2017, I switched to https://bitwarden.com/ which has served me well. A web search will introduce you to other password managers. None is perfect. Each has boosters and critics. Chose the one that works for you. Which leads to another consideration: transitioning from LastPass to BitWarden was seamless because LastPass’s storage scheme — helpfully — isn’t proprietary. When choosing a password manager, don’t stroll down a one-way street.

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