Brave - More Tools -> Create Shortcut -> App crashes doesn't open (Mac OS - Intel) Feb 23, 2022 update

After the update from last night, the Shortcut apps I have used and open in new windows for months now, have stopped working.
I was using them fine last night, woke up this morning and they don’t work.
Noticed Brave updated last night Feb 23, 2022.

I’ve tried:

  • deleting and reinstalling the Brave App.
  • restarting my computer (Mac OS Intell running Monterey)

Feels like this clearly was an update issue as it happened instantly.

Screen recording link:

I use these shortcut windows all day as part of my work flow.
Please fix this soon!

Thanks in advance

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I’m having the same experience and I’m not sure how to provide crash details.

Please advise

Same issue here T_T

I use a lot of of shortcuts, this bug let me can’t work now.

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helps.

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Fix on the way…

“How to” post by Mattches per crash reporting in a topic on browser crashes on Mac OS:

Just uploaded crash 496f0500-4796-cc07-0000-000000000000

Thank you for fixing this issue

This issue is already known and being addressed presently:

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