Brave mobile bat withdraw need support


I would like withdraw my bat and i sync my brave on uphold
And my bat he does not transfer … i need help

sorry for my English



I find that support is completely incapable of fixing this kind of problem… After all I had my bat stuck on mobile for more then a year and a half without any useful suggestions from support besides wait on us.

That said I do have a solution, create a brave creators account at:

Link it to a YouTube account or Twitter account, link the other end to a gemini account as you’ve used all your wallets on uphold. (a very common problem that brave hasn’t had a real solution to)

Once you link all those accounts together tip your brave to your own YouTube account or Twitter account. You lose 5% of your BAT but that’s better then 100% of your BAT.

I mean I guess you could try this too but ya… Then you’ll have to submit another request the next time you get a new phone because of that 4 wallet limit that absolutely everyone hits despite everyone thinking… No… Nobody would do that.

Hello ty for your help :wink:

I have a brave creators and youtube channel is not validated … and I’ve been waiting for more than a week …

Keep in mind. By doing this, there is a possibility that your creators account may get flagged for fraudulent behavior and you lose every BAT you had on there.

If you have it linked up, when did you link it? next payout date is december 6th-10th. If you only just recently linked it, you may need to wait for the next payment cycle. It doesnt come instantly.

brave has been linked to uphold for 1 years

And i have 30bat

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