I can't send my earned bats to my Uphold account


I’m using Brave browser mobile on an android phone.
When I try to verify wallet, I’m given only the option of Uphold, so I press it and it goes to the Uphold app and I choose authorize or re-authorize, because I’ve tryed so many times and it allways says “something went wrong. Try again later”.
I’ve uninstalled Uphold app and tryed it entering through the online site and I got a different error: it sayed that I’ve got to many devices connected to Uphold. So I went to all my devices and connected all to Gemini, but still I get this error in my android device.
Please, can you fix this or is there something I can do at my end?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • my wallet currently is verified, yes.

*Through this device I never have been able to successfully receive payments.

*I’m not using a VPN.

*I’m in a supported region.

*My device passed the safety net test.

*I have manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of my devices linked to Uphold.

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I need help to verify my Brave rewards account with uphold, it just gives me an error

@ramjfer Has been a while since you posted. Don’t know if you’ve already run across this information but I posted a link to a post I made in another topic about wallet unlinking requests. If you haven’t already, you should submit a request.

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