What do I do with my BAT tokens on mobile(switching phones)? Cant sync, cant backup, cant send, Crypto shouldnt be this difficult to use

Im switching to a new phone, I cant find the sync option anywhere on my desktop brave browser, no backup/recovery option for brave on mobile. Any suggestions or Ideas? I’ve been using brave browser for almost a year now and rewards have accumulated.

You can connect a verified Uphold account. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034841711-What-is-a-verified-wallet-

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it says u need 25 BAT to verify… i already have an existing wallet… is there another way to backup?

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I verified my account and my bat rewards have not been transferred. Looks like I’m going to lose $150 in rewards…

Donate them by tipping others or yourself (this last one is not recommended but of you are in a big hurry…)

If he does that he will lose a 5% from donating and also will probably get banned and all his bat suspended, since when you donate a big amount, they decide its fraudulent.

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Yes, but with his situation he doesn’t have to much options.

Also @gdee201 when did you verified your account? This month? If so AFAIK before august 1st transfers where made automatic and inmmediatly but afther this, the payout will be process like on desktop, every 5th of month (this case September). If it’s your case wait, if you can’t well… You decide.

I have been trying to link my verified uphold wallet to my mobile Brave Browser but it says I must have up to 25BAT and as such I keep losing all the BAT tokens I made monthly through Ads.

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