Brave + MetaMask + Oasis App

I’ve experienced following issue: Using Brave + MetaMask, I decided to see how works. It’s a lending option for MakerDao project. It gives several wallets to choose from, and I click MetaMask option. It opens a window for MM that asks if I want to connect to the website and I give permission. After that:
a) MM does not connect to the website
b) Brave opens a Crypto Wallets tab
I don’t have Brave crypto wallet setup, since when I tried to do that few days ago, it didn’t let me go past seed check phase for some reason.
I did the same operation in Firefox and everything worked fine. So my guess is that it’s a problem with the browser (version 1.1.21, PC, Windows 10)
Thank you in advance.

@Cartographer for now you can disable Crypto Wallet at Settings > Extensions.

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