BitChute is lagging A LOT with Brave

Basically, I put down the Brave shields on any URL from the website BitChute yet IT STILL LAGS TERRIBLY.

I tested with Google Chrome and it works fine, so it is obviously a Brave Browser issue.

Can you please look into it? I don’t know how to fix this.

Not sure how to measure this “Lag”, I checked CPU usage while playing a video clip seems to be okay? A bit slow when seeking in a video, but that seems to be server side.

No, yours is working as it should.

What should I do about it? I really want to use Brave but I hate YouTube and this lags way too hard for me on their website.

Might depend on your pc specs also, is there anything in the background chewing up system resources (Ram or CPU?) If you’re on a lower-end system, minimise apps running in the background/system tray.

I don’t even touch 25% of the full capacity with it, don’t think so.

For some reason, it stopped lagging today.

I opened Google Chrome on the same website and videos and put the Brave Browser shields down.

Oh well, let the dev team know this issue and maybe they could communicate with BitChute and see each other’s problems.

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