Please give me some update about publisher issue

Please give me update if the publisher dashboard is fixed

Hi @Kevspogi, I’m not sure which issue you are referring to – can you please clarify?

What i mean is my referral stat not update correctly, i have invite download, install brave but not counting on my dashboard also my referral continue using brave for 30 days not confirm.

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Hi there,

They need to use Brave intermittently over a 30 day period to qualify.

If you aren’t getting confirmations, it’s likely that they aren’t using the browser enough.

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They already use brave for 30 days shows on my 30 days stats but i only get 1 or 2 referral confirm. They probably use brave for long hours because brave is there default browser. I have a lot referral user already completed the required use of brave but did not confirm.

They are qualified to confirm…:expressionless:

That is not right. You reported a bug last month on missing downloads and referrals (#3 ) and you assured publishers that every missing downloads and confirmations will be restored 15th of Feb. which you all went silent on that day. This is so unfair and unprofessional. A solution is demanded from y’all.


@Asad I knwe you 'll ignore this.


Hi there. We did issue a fix for this issue some time ago.

If you’re still missing downloads and referrals, please make sure your users are actually downloading, installing, and using Brave.

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Sir could you please fix my issue on my stats and dashboard, some of my referral already shows on my 30 days use stat but no confirm added on my dashboard. I have this issue since September but till now i encounter it.

That’s false. Nothing changed

Statistics for a few missing days got updated today in my account.

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