My referral system doesn't work at all

I created an account and fully verified it.
After 2 days of waiting, I checked whether my YouTube channel was confirmed on a special site of your company and Yes, I found my YouTube account there.

But the statistics graph did not appear, and the blue plate is not updated.

And there should be a statistics graph here, but it is also missing and nothing is updated. I don’t think that for so long no one has downloaded the browser from the link

When can I start working? I think there’s something wrong with my account. Please help me

Have you ever read this?

Section 4 is relevant to this topic.

And are you sure anyone clicked the link in your description?
Btw, WOW 18 Subs, 50 views but 34 comments. I’ve never seen this before. Hopefully all the commentators will click on your referral link. :wink:

Hi, thank you for your feedback, and thank you for encouraging my channel. This is a new channel and I have just started, there are still a lot of interesting things that I would like to tell you about brave so that more people know about the browser.

I read your message, and what is described in paragraph 4 does not relate to my problem, since there is activity on the video and channel, people write and are interested, and as a result, I don’t even have a statistics graph and statistics are not updated, I don’t understand what the problem is and I ask @steeven and the team to look at my problem and try to help me

I noticed that it is people from England, America and other English-speaking countries who respond faster than me.

Hey @Karu,
i also forget to tell you something.
When i see your channel i realized that your content is more or less for russians.
Have a look in this, if you are from Russia or the Ukraine.

Hello dear friend!
Thank you again for trying to help me in this difficult situation. Yes, I am Russian-speaking, but I am a citizen of Kazakhstan and have the right to work with the referral system

HI @Karu, what’s the email linked to your account? Is this still an issue?

Hi @steeven ! Yes, my problem is still relevant. Here is my email associated with the publisher’s account -

Hi @Karu, could it be linked under a different email?

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