Infinite loading on all pages

Hey guys, I just started having a problem where brave browser won’t open ANY websites (not even the settings or the about page), I just get an infinite loading and page unresponsive errors. Not sure what caused it, I haven’t change anything recently, it just came out of the blue. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for the help

edit: here’s some extra info. When brave is open my CPU jumps from about 2% usage to about 50% usage



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Hi @CrimsonSoul welcome to Community :smiley:

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with Brave. We’re always working to improve.
To assist with the troubleshooting process could you kindly share the following:

  1. Device OS/Version
  2. Brave Version
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Hey there, I’m on Linux Mint 21

and I’m not sure on my brave version I can’t get the about page to open lol. It should be the latest version as I’ve removed and reinstalled the browser

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I was able to completely remove the browser and all and it fixed it so idk, but it works now