Brave not working properly after update

After a windows 10 update, brave screen is shattered and incomplete
I reinstalled the program but nothing seems to work, its still the same as I show you below (also yes, I disabled the gpu acceleration and nothing)

Please help me :frowning:

Oh no!

Have you had a chance to try a private window (which typically disables extensions that could be interfering) to see if the behavior remains?

I have been having the same issue. Nothing seems to be working at the moment. I tried opening on private window too, but it is still the same.
Please help.

Did you find any solution to this problem? If yes, could you please let me know too, I have been having the same problem with my desktop browser.

Yes the problem remains the same, I havent found any solution yet. Neither of the private windows work nor the normal windows

Same here. But I have two Windows accounts on same PC and I have the brave visualization issue on one account only

I have exactly the same situation. Only on my laptop there’s the problem, on my desktop PC I dont have that issue, being the last one older

I’m a Linux user, so I can’t test or reproduce your problem, sorry! I would love to get my hands on it and tinker, but I haven’t used Windows since 10/20H2, and I haven’t looked back.

After windows 10 update, Brave in laptop does not work, its interface is glitched permanently. Its been a week and nothing changed, and sadly I havent had any response in my other topic.
I cant see anything in the browser, its all empty, I cant even export my passwords cause there’s no way to see anything:

Please help, I really like the browser but I havent had the necessary support along with other people that have the same problem. Reinstall doesnt work, deactivate the graphic acceleration neither.

Creating multiple topics doesn’t help. Just have to keep your topic alive. Keep in mind it’s a holiday week. You posted 2 days before Thanksgiving and went to create a new topic on a Saturday. Support doesn’t work on holidays or weekends, so you have to be a bit patient sometimes.

What I see here is you have extensions installed. We know this because of the puzzle icon on the upper right of your browser.

  • Have you tried removing or uninstalling extensions?

Suggests it may not be extensions, but all depends on your settings and all.

Which would lead me…could you download from again? I’m not telling you to uninstall, but strictly advising to download/install on top, which would do a manual update and can fix things if there is/was a corrupt file.

Other thing:

Can you create a new profile? You generally do this from the Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile.

If you can’t do that for any reason, then do the below:

Step 2 (if the above isn’t possible)

Go to your desktop shortcut for Brave and right mouse click and choose Properties.

You’ll see something like below:

On the Target line you’ll see something like "C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Default"

Change the word Default to Test Profile So it would end up being something like:

"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Test Profile"

Click Apply and then you can hit Ok. When you open that desktop shortcut, it should open your browser in a new profile, where the page will look like below:

This should be a clean profile with no extensions and default settings overall (though any changes to brave://flags will possibly remain).

Main idea is to test whether your issue resolves in this new profile.

Hi, Im sorry for being desperated, I havent taken in count that it was Thanksgiving.
Thank you so much for your answer, it looks like the new profile fixed the problem, the original profile still has the extensions and works fine now, what could’ve been the issue?
Im gonna restart the computer now to see if the problem is completely resolved.

Oh, you’re able to switch profiles and it works? I know testing and having it work on new profile gives ideas of what can be going on. But it shouldn’t fix anything on your original profile. So if launching/creating a new profile resolves for all, that will be a little weird.

I have restarted the computer and the profile 1 still has issues, not as bad as before but yes. I uninstalled the extensions but the glitches are still there. The second profile seems working normally

Hi again. The second profile has exactly the same issues as the first one. Now I can partially use the browser but some parts of any website simply does not appear, example below:

Hmm. Okay. But now let me clarify.

  • In your post today, you mentioned you can’t export passwords and all as it was blank when you tried to go to Settings. Does Settings still show blank, even in the new profile?

  • I know you said you toggled the gpu acceleration. Just to confirm, you mean you toggled Use hardware acceleration when available over at brave://settings/system, right?. Of course, question above about whether you can even see the settings kind of has a big role in this, lol.

  • And does disabling Shields have any impact? I know you can’t do this in Settings, but on websites where you’re experiencing problems…

  • Have you changed anything at brave://flags? If so, try to go there and put everything back to default.

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Thank you so much for your help. Before the profile thing I wasnt able to enter de gpu acceleration setting in brave, so I did it in windows settings. But now I disabled from brave and the problem is resolved :slight_smile: the flags got reseted but didnt change anything, only after the gpu acceleration.
I hope the other people that has this issue can see the topic to resolve it too.
Thanks again!


@leoncama just an FYI, hardware acceleration (the GPU thing) is not necessarily a solution. If you’re not familiar with it, Hardware Acceleration means it tries to share tasks with your GPU to relieve burden on your CPU. This should result in higher performance and less burden on your device.

If turning off Hardware Acceleration helps, then it generally means one of the following:

  • Settings for your graphics card (Such as in NVIDIA Control Panel) are wrong and causing issues.

  • Your GPU drivers need updated

  • Your graphics card is bad and needs replaced

There can be other issues, but those are the primary causes. In any case, the “solution” for your problem just is an indicator that you have another issue. If it works, that’s fine and I guess not much to complain about. It’s not like it breaks anything. But it can load slower and not necessarily play as high quality on videos and all if Hardware Acceleration is off (it especially can be recognizable difference if you use a lot of tabs, games, or videos at the same time). I just wanted to make sure you are aware.


I turned the hardware acceleration and the problem returned, even though I just updated the gpu drivers. I dont know, I just have a year and I few months with this laptop with a dedicated gpu and I havent been using too much besides programming, and it all began with the last windows update. Could this be the problem?
Before that I didnt need to turn off that setting
Thanks you for the info!

Sorry. I know that “me too” is unhelpful but without much additional to contribute I add mine here in hopes that the issue will get more attention. From the posts here it would appear not to be fully understood nor solved. I am still working my way through the process and will post again when I have specific contributions to make.

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