Problem getting the proper webpage upon startup

I’m baaack. All seriousness aside, I installed Brave on a newly setup Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.2 a couple of days ago. I set Brave to open on my Yahoo email. One small annoying issue is, when I’ve first booted the computer, then click on Brave in the panel or in the Start menu, Brave opens in a new tab and has an eror message in a box near the upper right that says,

Restore Pages?
Brave didn’t shut down correctly

There are two buttons below it. One says,

Open startup pages

The other one to the right of it says,


What does it mean when it says Brave didn’t Brave didn’t shut down correctly? I close it by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner. Is that wrong?

Clicking on one or the other of the buttons will bring up my email. It will continue to come up when I close Brave, then open it up again until I shut down the computer. but when I start it up again, the message is back again.

I’m stumped. What do I need to do to fix this? Btw, I’m still learning how to use Linux so that may be the problem.


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I’m not quite sure what is being asked here. Maybe just clear the cache and cookies, and let the standard brave start homepage load?

I don’t know how I could explain the problem it any clearer.

Also, the Mint instaltion is only a week old, the Brave installation is only a few days old, and problem cropped up the day after installing Brave. Usage on both has been very light since I’m just in the testing and learning stage so I seriously doubt clearing the cache and cookies is the problem (if it is, I won’t be able to use Brave since I shouldn’t have to clear the cache and cookies every few days, if at all).

Does using private mode help / make a difference?

Darned if I know. Where do I find the setting for Private Mode? I couldn’t find it.

I’m assuming brave on mint should be the same as ubuntu… and assuming File-type menu options are still being used… Just do File > New Private Window and do what you normally do in this window.

OK, I found It. However, I don’t see how that can have anything to do with Brave not closing properly. I know of only one way to close brave and that is to click on the little X in the upper right hand corner.

Btw, I appreciate the responses, guys!

Hello? Anyone?..

Can you try removing the page(s) that you have it set to open with so that it just launches with a New Tab Page open? Then, close the browser (the way you normally would) and relaunch it – normally you’d expect to see the Brave didn't shut down properly... message here, right? Can you tell me if you still see this message after removing the pages you had previously set?

I had already tried that and it didn’t work. However, I borked the computer while trying to do something (I’m a total NOOB to Linux) and had to restore from a backup I made in Timeshift this morning using my installation USB stick. After restoring and restoring umpteen settings, including in Brave, suddenly Brave has decided to behave itself. Weird!

For now, I guess it’s fixed.

Thanks again for the responses, guys!

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