Brave is not preventing YouTube ads, but only when logged in

I installed Brave on a friend’s computer today, I love converting people to Brave :slight_smile:

But after hours of fiddling around I can’t seem to solve a major problem. He was using Firefox with ad blockers before so he didn’t see YouTube ads (the type that play before a video will play), but after I installed Brave he is getting those annoying ads.

I was shocked as I have never seen a YT ad since I began using brave years ago now. All ad blocking is on (aggressive), I have various filters ticked in settings (Fanboy annoyances, cookie consent, UBO) .

After lots of testing I worked out that the ads ONLY show when he is logged into Google. Logged out, they don’t show, log in and refresh page, up come the ads.

Is there any solution to this?


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This is a known recent issue that we’re investigating presently:


I wonder when the issue will be fixed so I don’t get unskippable ads with shields on anymore

The ads are much different, we’re still working on it. no eta


Thanks for replies, keep doing your excellent work :slight_smile:

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Rolled out a new update in Experimental List (enable in brave://adblock) at the bottom. New YT fixes/rules should be out in the next 2/3hrs from this message.

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I don’t know if that will actually work since I tried it and now I get this:

The videos remain loading forever in an endless loop instead of playing

can you force an update in brave://components Brave Ad Block Updater, then refresh youtube

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I did it, but it’s not working

does it work in private window mode?

Yes, but a bit laggy because ads are trying to bypass the ad blocker, oh, if only the ad blocker gets fixed so that the videos don’t remain loading forever in a normal window

can you test in a new profile and/or test in Brave Beta

I don’t know, but I want someone else to test it and I really want the bug to be fixed so that video playback can work again with the ad blocker on

I’m asking for some testing to see if its profile related. I also want it fixed.

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So do I because I’m waiting for the bug to be finally fixed so I and other users stop getting the video playback loading forever

Hey fanboynz, I did the following based on reading the thread:

  • Turned on the Treat ‘Brave Experimental Adblock Rules’ as a default list source in brave://flags/
  • Restarted the browser
  • Updated all the components in brave://components
  • Restarted the browser
  • Created a new brave profile
  • Logged into youtube on the new profile
  • Spinner happens forever without loading a video

Here is what the console looks like

Hope this helps, thanks for taking a look.


Looks like you’re having the same issue as me, but disabling the ad blocker will just show annoying ads

Have reverted the upstream change done by uBO, it will show the advert. but won’t break the video (hopefully)

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6216 or better in brave://components

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If someone has a non-primary (not your main YT account) youtube account that has issues, willing to help out privately.
Please DM me.