YouTube Ads on Brave Browser - Need Assistance

Hello Brave community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my experience with the Brave browser, but I’ve recently encountered an issue that I’m hoping someone here can help me with.

Despite the robust ad-blocking capabilities of Brave, I’ve noticed that ads are still appearing when I’m watching videos on YouTube. I’m using the latest version of Brave, and I’ve ensured that my shields are up and configured to block ads. However, the problem persists.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue with YouTube ads slipping through while using Brave? If so, were you able to find a solution? I’m particularly keen on enjoying an ad-free experience on YouTube, and any insights or tips on resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Below details you might need :

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? - yes

Does the ad appear when using a Private window as well? (yes/no) - Yes

What OS are you using when you see the ad? - windows 11

Brave version (check About Brave): v1.66.118 Chromium to 125.0.6422.147

I have check my brave://components → Brave Ad Block Updater → its giving me error as added below image :
Brave Ad Block List Catalog - Version:
Status - Update error
Check for update


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Does running Brave as an Admin help? I believe is a permission issue. Was the initial install of Brave as Admin or another user?

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@UhubG this is something being worked on. I have open Github below:

And I know someone had opened a related Github saying they believe they have recognized the issue. Not sure if @fanboynz or others have been tracking on that one yet, but it’s linked below

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Also want to note you can test as seen in below (described two different ways, but same steps):

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yep it was permission issue , so i gave run as admin and its working now , no ads and components are updated as well… thanks for help :slight_smile:

I just downloaded Brave this week, the shields have been working fine for me up until tonight. Youtube ads are slipping through, it’s telling me that it’s blocking them but it’s not. The videos are still playing fine, I haven’t gotten any error codes. So far I’ve tried clearing my cache, restarting my computer, turning the shields on and off, and running Brave as administrator. None of that has worked for me. If I’m being honest, this is my first experience with an adblocker + I’m not very tech savvy so I don’t really understand how to try some of these possible solutions. I’m running on Windows 10 FYI. Would appreciate any help to be dumbed down a bit for me lol. Thanks in advance.

  • Ensure Shields, Ads&trackers is enabled
  • Clear Youtube cookies (which will force a login)

Should work tbh, nothing has changed regarding ads on youtube for a while

Thanks for the response, my shields are up and I have cleared all cookies twice. The issue is still occurring.

How abut in private window mode? Could also test in Brave Beta or Nightly which uses its own profile.

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It seems to have fixed itself, I’ll keep this in mind if it happens again. Thanks for your time.

Good to hear, just keep shields up to avoid youtube ads inserting ad cookies. If it happens again just do another clear of yt cookies (shouldn’t happen often/at all)

Where do I go to perform this test? Im not computer savvy

Rolled out an update in Experimental List (enable in brave://adblock) at the bottom. New YT fixes/rules should be out in the next 2/3hrs from this message.

Hi everyone, i started to see youtube ads. However, as i have multiple youtube channels when i switch between them the ads disappear. I cant understand why there is no change at the brave settings i just did everything to solve it and the ads only disappear if i switch to another youtube channel linked to the same google account. It just doesnt have sense. Moreover, it only happends on my laptop at my phone there is no problem everything runs all right.

The community is still testing possible fixes for youtube, no ETA. Effecting all browsers and extensions currently. Not a “Brave only” issue just to clarify.

Its being worked on

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Everyone in this thread if you can enable Experimental List via brave://adblock

@ISHPANETSO @NFSDragons @ratjesus @UhubG

Then refresh any/all tabs open and see if the ads are gone

Sometimes just waiting a day or two for devs to catch up is all it takes, Youtube has been tryin a lot of stuff to muck up ad blockers. few weeks ago I ended up somehow breaking my setup over what turned out to be their newest scummy measure that soon as youtube loaded my whole browser crashed. youtube was my home tab and autoloaded, made the whole browser unusable to even change settings unless i cut the wifi. ended up trying to reinstall before figuring that out and caused myself more problems being i’m on a older version with windows 7 on that pc. almost just reinstalled the whole OS from a drive copy. Devs had it fixed a day later. YT is doing some pretty scummy things though, like jacking up CPU usage if they detect one and doing 5-20 second delays on loading. Still having a delay and having to skip part of the ads but they never play, just sorta a frozen skip screen. Jokes on them though, the worse they get the more i refuse, been setting up a Linux hard drive to get away from everything google and microsoft, think they have enough bloody money at this point and need to stop acting like broke beggars and pickpockets.

Only thing that shows up when I look for that is “Brave Experimental Adblock Rules” and I’ve had that enabled since the problem started and that hasn’t fixed anything