Brave is not preventing YouTube ads, but only when logged in

But the ad might be unskippable

yes, for the time being yes. but better than not loading the video at all. The lessor of 2 evils currently.

I hope it gets fixed soon so the ad blocker works as it used to on YouTube because many users are hoping the same as me

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Will help out the more we have

I’m still waiting for the bug to be fixed

The ad delivery used by YT is different than previously implement youtube ads and requires time and effort to get around. Testing and retesting, and more testing, and avoiding breakages.

Many of the people involved in fixing this and other commits are doing it in their free time, unpaid. Lets just give authors some time to debug this.


Oh, I see, but I hope the bug is finally gone so I don’t have to switch to another browser like Opera or back to Chrome

No bug here, the preroll ads will show currently. The ads will occur in any browser, affecting us and uBlock Origin. We’ve reverted all the changes regarding attempting to fix this the preroll ads for the time being, until a better solution is out. Solution for the preroll ads will take some time. (as previously stated)

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Okay, I hope a better solution is out ASAP, so until then, I’ll stay tuned for any news

We don’t obviously we don’t want any youtube ads. Apologies. It is being worked on. Brave will still work well on other sites also.


JEEEESUS man. Grow some manners FFS. These people are doing their best, you constantly repeating how you want it fixed like a two year old who dropped his toy, is NOT helping or motivating anyone to try any harder than they are already (contrary to what you seem to believe). Sorry, but sometimes someone has to say what EVERYONE is thinking, and I just did, trust me. It’s reported, it’s a known problem, it’s not their FAULT, but they are trying to CURE IT for us.

We are all waiting for it to be fixed, PATIENTLY. Do you see a thousand other messages from people saying EVERY HOUR that they are ‘still waiting’? No? Try learning something from that.

fanboyz - I MAY have an account I can use for testing, I will check i can still access it. I am not super techie but can follow instructions and happy to help if i can. Feel free to DM me, and thanks for your efforts.


I have the same problem but not in all videos , example for music or an unfinished video I dont get ads

Well, at least the videos are no longer loading in an endless loop, but the problem is that the unskippable ads are back

My ads load, and if I tab off they stop playing. Have to wait for 2, 30 sec ads and half the time the video itself doesn’t load. Google sucks, Youtube is aids.

Agreed. Please have patience and act your age.

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I see this has been ongoing for a few days. Same issue, hoping for an eta on this fix if available.

Thank you for saying that! Why complain about it not working then refuse to help the person fixing it? Unreal.

Im here to help with testing, so far have followed all the steps - videos work but of course with ads atm.

Fanboynz Thank you for your efforts in fixing the problem we appreciate you.


Well, I hope the ad blocker can block ads on YouTube as it used to so no one can see unskippable ads anymore, but still, I’ll stay tuned for any news about this

Even sponsorblock extension is having issues;