Brave is non-functional anymore

Once Brave was working fine. Now it is slow and unresponsive with most of the websites. You should reverse the functionality for reporting broken sites to reporting working sites since almost every website is broken in Brave. I am sorry but i will stop using Brave. Also, there isn’t a direct feedback within the browser. You need to come here to give your feedback. Not cool.

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Hello @davidjordanes

could you try in private mode and if it work fine then the issue either with one of your extensions so disable all of them then renable them one by one till you get the one causing the issue or the issue with your cache so try to clear it

if that did not work then try to create new profile and see if it work fine there or not

I do not use any extensions. Why should i probe different profiles or different modes? I am an end user not a troubleshooter. Additionally, i am pretty sure, even if i troubleshoot one issue another five new issues will come after let’s say in a month. The more complexity you add to a browser the more problems you will have. I’m sorry but i will have to quit Brave.

first i am not one of brave team i just trying to help
and if you going to quit any software that has issue then there will be no single software you will use and if you extend it to any thing other than software then there will be nothing you will use
cause we human are not perfect

and anything need to be troubleshoot to know what is the cause of it and sometime the issue not with the software it’s self but maybe you use different app that interfer with it and using different mode/profile allow to check if it from inside the software or something else
for example
sometime when you update your video driver it cause issue with the hardware accerlator
so you would need to disable it from here brave://settings/system

any way it’s your choice

Just wanted to report the same…

Nothing to be sorry about :slight_smile: Remember that Brave was crewated by ex-ceo of mozilla. So it would be extremely unusual if Brave was working…



Im more than sure the above is true…