Brave is crushingly SLOW all of a sudden

Since this afternoon, when I try to open a link or download a file, Brave churns and churns and usually nothing happens. Sporadic periods where it seems to work for a bit; periods where websites will open after “only” 30-60 seconds. Meanwhile, identical links opening at the usual speed on Firefox on the same PC.

This happened before a few days ago. I restarted my PC, that seemed to do something. But today, shutting down Brave and restarting it hasn’t helped. Rebooting my computer hasn’t helped.

Windows 10, presumably latest version of Brave (I’ve been using it for about three weeks).

Not good.

You can improve your browser performance by clearing the browser cache, although this is not true at all times; but it can occasionally make a difference—giving your browser and the websites a clean slate by removing any files that may have become corrupted or bloated.
In Brave you can do this by going to Settings --> Additional Settings --> Privacy & security and then click on Clear browsing data . In the dialog box select Basic and select All time in the Time range drop-down list. Select everything and then click Clear data.
Restart your browser and start browsing the web to notice if there is a change in performance. Let me know how that goes.

Thanks. Sometimes, shutting Brave and reopening it improves performance. It was okay this morning.

But just now (again) it has gone from running okay to spinning and spinning fecklessly when I try to open an article from a site I just five minutes earlier was able to open.

About ready to bail out on Brave, This is not really good.

Edit: Oh and also, LOL, when I go to Settings, the tab just spins and spins and doesn’t open…

Seems like a big problem.
You can use programs like CCleaner to clear browser data without opening the browser itself. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then try creating a new profile to see if the problem is still there.

I haven’t created a profile for Brave (just for this forum), does that make a difference?

And after a couple of weeks of working okay, now Brave is refusing to open links. In an inconsistent way. I can open a tweet in a new tab, but cannot open a link from that same tab. Nor can I open a ‘fresh’ page.

Some sites that I leave open in a tab all the time allow me to go to new pages within that website just fine. But heaven forbid I try to open a sight that wasn’t already loaded in a tab.

What gives? (Needless to say, this was never a problem in Chrome… And these same sites are opening fine when I test them in other browsers, so it isn’t them.)

And though I can open emails (yahoo), I can’t download (works fine in other browsers).

Closing and restarting Brave makes no difference

After shutting down my PC and restarting, Brave is opening new tabs/pages okay. But refusing to play vids embedded in tweets. (They work if I cut and paste into other broswers…) Just spin and spin…

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