Brave is constantly using too much (more than 1GB) memory

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Description of the issue:

Brave is constantly using more than 1GB memory (currently is using 203.9MB for app and 1.36GB for documents and data). No downloads, no save video in playlist, cleaning all data under setting, unloading and reloading app, rebooting the phone doesn’t change anything

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open General in iPhone settings
  2. Open iPhone Storage (under General)
  3. Open Brave (under Storage)

Expected result:
Less memory consumption for Documents and Data for Brave

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 16.2

Additional Information:
See attached screenshot

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us.
I know that we have seen this issue before and we are unclear why the inflated size is being reported for some users. I only see ~372MB on my iOS device.

I’ve opened an issue to track this:

Thank you. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Brave and so far it’s doing well memory wise.

Hi, I do not want to have to delete the iOS Brave app and reinstall because of these “memory leak issues” as there is no way for me to back up my favorites within the widgets favorites. In a way this emulates “widget favorites” Safari and makes it easier to browse through many bookmarks I have without having to dig into the tiny book marks folder to scroll. Is there a way to backup widet settings or widget favorites in a future release so I can delete the app that is consuming a lot of space and reinstall without losing my widget favorites? Even syncing will not work between devices or phones to sync widget favorites. I would like to stay with Brave as it is my desktop browser, and offers the best privacy on par with regular Chromium and extensions. This “memory leak” issue has been ongonig since 2020 after searching for this problem. Simply, put your developers get this memory leak issue fixed on a release, then a subsequent release “breaks it again”. What can be done to help many end users that are moving over to privacy based browsers? What can be done to make the end user experience easier, straight forward, seamlessly integrate with iOS environment, while sandboxed enough to run secure and reliable? What can be done to allow also, with increasing the end user experience, that have custom settings or special settings within iOS Brave browser that can be backed up in case the browser gets corrupted? Many other apps allow this and retain them on the cloud, or give you an option to retain locally.

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