‘Documents and Data’ nearly 66 GB on iOS 15.7 Brave Browser 1.43, need to free up space ASAP

‘Documents and Data’ for iOS Brave Browser version 1.43 nearly 66 GB

I’ve recently downloaded several large files using Safari web browser. Each file is several hundred megabytes in size. Once downloaded, I moved those files from the Safari Downloads folder to the VLC folder so that I could access the files using VLC media player.

These files take up many gigabytes of space on my device so I decided to upload them to cloud storage with the intent of deleting them locally after they were all uploaded.

Using Brave Browser I made an account on a cloud storage website, logged in and began uploading those large files that are now in the VLC folder.

The upload speed to my cloud host is slow and Brave has disconnected a few times when I minimized the browser and opened another app.

This disconnection has caused me to have to restart the upload process several times. About half of the files are uploaded now but I am getting error message notifications telling me “iPhone Storage Full”, and that 63.9 GB of my 64 GB are used.

Scrolling down to the apps taking up the most room I find that Brave Browser has a ‘Documents and Data’ size of 65.8 GB! That’s more than the entire available storage on this device.

How can I free up this space?

So far I’ve tried the method that says to ‘Clear Data Now’ (accessible through Brave’s settings) and then reboot the phone. That did not solve this problem.

What should I do?

Thank you.

Brave Version: 1.43

Mobile Device details: 64GB iPhone running iOS 15.7

I believe you’re currently in talks with one of our iOS folks @michal — will leave this thread open for now but please do update it if/when the issue is resolved.

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I will do that. Thank you.

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The issue has been resolved but I don’t know the details of how it was resolved. I will share what I know:

I backed up all data in my Brave Downloads folder.

I then went into iPhone storage → Brave and beneath the ‘Delete App’ (red text) began selecting individual downloaded files, manually deleting those local copies of the files that had been backed up.

I then went to Settings → Safari → ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

With the downloaded files in the Brave Downloads folder deleted and the Safari ‘History and Website data’ cleared, iOS freed up the space that was previously unavailable after about a day.

Very frustrating because it was not immediately cleared, and contacting Apple Support yielded no help. They are aware of this problem happening in Safari browser, too.

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1.48 is out. Please update it, then open Brave settings tap on the app version setting cell and select “Copy app size debug info” option.
It will copy some data to your clipboard. Paste it to the notes app or somewhere else and please share with us