Brave is taking up 16 GB

My ipad currently says that brave is taking up 16 GB. Here’s a screenshot

I don’t have anything in the playlist, and the data that’s in the brave folder is waay less than 16 GB.

I haven’t tried deleting the app, and reinstalling it yet. I’ll do that after I post this.

Is there any other way to fix this?

Update: uninstalling and reinstalling it worked, for brave taking up 16 GB. Unfortunately, now there’s a bunch of garbage system data that I can’t access.

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I wrote:

Where did all the extra data come from?

The record in the file system structure, of the existance of the file, is removed, but the space that the file occupied, for some reason , continues to exist. Over time, that occupied space accumulates.

That occupied space grows quickly, when the user is in the habit of downloading files, storing them on their Android or iOS device, and then deleting the files.

I tested that, by using an iPhone to download large installers of Internet browsers (such as Firefox for desktop computers), and then deleting the installer files.

But the actual cause, I do not know for certain.

Oh, ok. I may have downloaded big files, and then deleted them (no longer needing them), so that might be the issue. Do you know of a way to fix it?


Uh . . . no. Best I can do, is the Apple recommended restart. iOS > Settings > General > Shut Down . . . provides the slider switch, that I think is easier on things -vs- the button pressing:

These steps are not what you are looking for; I wrote: 'Best I can do . . ."

Well, that didn’t work. I did ask someone else, and they said backup and restore. I believe that would be the best solution. My only issue is my cord. It’s not very reliable.


Myself, I would not try a restore, except in some kind of an emergency. That is a lot more work, because not everything is backed up via the Apple way.

I know, which is why I want to find an alternative way. Something like this did happen before (but not for brave), and I think I fixed it by transfering a few videos to my computer, then deleting them while it was still plugged into my computer. I’m not 100% sure though.

Did you use our playlist feature to download bunch of larger videos for offline play?

I used it on a couple videos, then I deleted them. I’m pretty sure I may have also deleted many before they finished downloading.

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