IOS Browser Storage Usage

Hi, I have been using the Brave browser on my iphone and it has been running fine.

However I have noticed that it has used over 1GB of my phone’s storage capacity. With only 93MB being the app and the rest apparently ‘Documents & Data’.

I have cleared the ‘Private Data’ and it has had no effect.

Can anyone tell if this is normal, is there anything I can do about it and what documents and data could be taking up a GB of storage when the cache is clear and no documents have every been downloaded?

Thank you and all the best,

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I am having the same issue: mine uses 85MB for the App and 2.63GB(!) for documents.
Brave takes ages to start up.

What I tried:

  • I closed all tabs,
  • deleted the private data except the saved logins
  • restarted the iPhone

No success.

PLEASE HELP - otherwise I must remove the app and sadly reinstall and enter all my logins again!?

An have a good 2020 :wink:

cc @Mattches @sriram @jsecretan on this

Do you happen to download a lot of files?

The best way to check this is through the native iOS Files app. If you go into that app you should see Brave, and a download’s folder there. See if you happen to have a lot of items:

Just for clarity – you can find the folder @joel Files --> Search [enter "brave"] --> Brave --> Downloads

Just checked it: I have not a single file in the downloads folder - not a surprise for me, as with my iPhone, I rarely download any docs.
Martin :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the suggestion however I have does this and the folder is empty so I do not believe that this is the issue.

Is there something else that can be tried?

All the best,

Try this.

  1. Open “Settings” -> Brave -> Photos -> Tap “Never”
  2. Reboot Brave.
  3. Clear Private Data.
  4. Check iPhone’s storage. The storage will be released but Brave’s Documents & Data will display the unnecessary data still remain.
  5. Offload Brave and reinstall it. This doesn’t affect your browsing history, BAT wallet, or bookmarks. I don’t know this will affect your logins. I guess it doesn’t but I’m not sure. Please google about it.

Although I have solved the problem by above steps, I guess only step 5 will work.

Hi there

I tried the following which brought the data used down from 2.8GB to 193MB:

  1. Open “Settings” -> Brave -> Photos -> Tap “Never”
  2. closed all Apps
  3. shut down the iPhone
  4. switched it back on and entered the code and the SIM PIN
  5. looked at Settings -> General -> iPhone-Memory

No reinstall necessary for me.
Thanks for the hint :smiley: