IOS Browser Storage Usage

Hi, I have been using the Brave browser on my iphone and it has been running fine.

However I have noticed that it has used over 1GB of my phone’s storage capacity. With only 93MB being the app and the rest apparently ‘Documents & Data’.

I have cleared the ‘Private Data’ and it has had no effect.

Can anyone tell if this is normal, is there anything I can do about it and what documents and data could be taking up a GB of storage when the cache is clear and no documents have every been downloaded?

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I am having the same issue: mine uses 85MB for the App and 2.63GB(!) for documents.
Brave takes ages to start up.

What I tried:

  • I closed all tabs,
  • deleted the private data except the saved logins
  • restarted the iPhone

No success.

PLEASE HELP - otherwise I must remove the app and sadly reinstall and enter all my logins again!?

An have a good 2020 :wink:

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cc @Mattches @sriram @jsecretan on this

Do you happen to download a lot of files?

The best way to check this is through the native iOS Files app. If you go into that app you should see Brave, and a download’s folder there. See if you happen to have a lot of items:

Just for clarity – you can find the folder @anon1255531 Files --> Search [enter "brave"] --> Brave --> Downloads

Just checked it: I have not a single file in the downloads folder - not a surprise for me, as with my iPhone, I rarely download any docs.
Martin :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the suggestion however I have does this and the folder is empty so I do not believe that this is the issue.

Is there something else that can be tried?

All the best,

Try this.

  1. Open “Settings” -> Brave -> Photos -> Tap “Never”
  2. Reboot Brave.
  3. Clear Private Data.
  4. Check iPhone’s storage. The storage will be released but Brave’s Documents & Data will display the unnecessary data still remain.
  5. Offload Brave and reinstall it. This doesn’t affect your browsing history, BAT wallet, or bookmarks. I don’t know this will affect your logins. I guess it doesn’t but I’m not sure. Please google about it.

Hi there

I tried the following which brought the data used down from 2.8GB to 193MB:

  1. Open “Settings” -> Brave -> Photos -> Tap “Never”
  2. closed all Apps
  3. shut down the iPhone
  4. switched it back on and entered the code and the SIM PIN
  5. looked at Settings -> General -> iPhone-Memory

No reinstall necessary for me.
Thanks for the hint :smiley:

Thank you @rennurevarb rennurevarb and @mbernbrich for the suggestion.

Unfortunately for some reason when I get to the “Setting” ->Brave -> part ‘Photos’ is not here as an option.

Any thoughts?

All the best,

Hello again

After a few days I discovered that Brave became slow again and although I did not use it for a while the memory consumed is back a 2GB. :roll_eyes: very unhappy!

@smiletobefree : I have a second phone which also has no Photos in the settings. I assume this is related to Brave never needed to gain access to you photos. I believe this will start to exist after you tried to i.e. upload a photo. Then the phone will ask you to allow brave to access your local photos. From then on, you might have that setting.

Just today I tried toggling this switch and removed the data from within brave, did an iPhone restart and the memory was not released.

After this experience in the last days, I believe we have no real solution and I am close to quit with brave. :frowning_face:


I think I found a solution. Please try following steps:

  1. “Setting” -> Privacy -> Photos
    If Brave app is not on the list. Then,
  2. Reboot your device.
    Then, check the list again. If nothing changed, then,
  3. “Setting” -> General -> Reset -> Location&Privacy

If it works, you can see “Photo” at
“Setting” -> Brave


I have the same trouble.
I’m using the solution I have mentioned before every time the bug occurs. I agree with you that we have no real solution. I guess this bug cannot be fixed by users. So I’m waiting for an update to fix the bug. If it’s not fixed after few updates, I will report the bug to the support through app store.

We’re still working on nailing this down, but it continues to evade our ability to reproduce it.

It would be tremendous if any of you wanted to jump onto our new beta and use that for awhile to see if it is reproducible there.

Hi Joel

I am using the Beta with the same result.

Presently it is using over 400Mb.

This better than the non beta Brave Browser which is using 1.5Gb of storage.



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Hey guys, i found the solution. Maybe if u dont know, u should update to version 1.22.1
It’s a bug that everytime we open the brave, the cache will increase few megabytes.

Sorry for my bad english

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Hello i find THE BEST SOLUTION :slight_smile:
i was 4,5 Giga !!! :scream: and now 240 Mo :partying_face:

Just clear the cache in Brave (you can keep no selected history and cookies if you want)

  1. Open Brave and tap that “…” Menu icon.
  2. Navigate to Settings> Privacy.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Brave Shields & Privacy.”
  4. On the next menu, scroll down and select “Now delete data.”

I’ve been having this same issue and i’ve seen another support post on this exact topic in addition to having made my own in November.
This happens when you download files from brave (I usually use file converters and video compressors). My storage is at around 585 MB at the moment; i’ve had to delete and reinstall Brave because of this. i’ve had it reach over 1GB before.

i’ve tried clearing data, all of it from all time, and i’ve checked the files app for everything from Brave. there’s not much to be done about this except for a software update on Brave’s part, I think.