Brave has become way too slow

I was hoping to find a solution here but all I see are the typical tech support “close extensions”/“create new profile”/“clear your cache” responses. This is a serious issue, not a standard novice-related issue. I thought “They must have a solution by now”, but no, I don’t see one yet. It’s a simple problem: Too slow. What’s the simple solution? I’m wondering if MS/Google haven’t hacked/written scripts to MAKE Brave so slow all of a sudden. Have y’all figured it out yet?

*I started using Brave because I hate the STALKER browsers Chrome, Edge, IE Explorer, etc. I recently bought a new PC with 16 gigs of RAM, 3.4ghz processor and 2T hard drive because I use my PC as my recording studio and want fast performance. Brave has become so slow I cannot use it anymore. My recording studio works fast and fine, but Brave has become unbearably slow.
*It happens every time I use Brave.
*I haven’t cleared my cache/etc., created a new profile, etc. because I’ve already read other people’s comments that doing those (novice) steps do NOT solve this issue.
*I cannot screenshot slow performance. Brave becomes unresponsive, that’s the problem. I can’t screenshot time/performance issues.
*It happens every time I use Brave. Every single time, no matter what I’m doing: surfing, social media, looking up information, searching for photos, etc.
*I’m using Windows 10, 16g RAM, 3.4ghz CPU, 64 bit operating system and processor, Brave Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit) (

Thanks for any help you can provide in solving this matter. My MS Windows PC will not allow me to download DuckDuckGo browser, and I will not go back to Edge, Chrome or any of the Stalker Browsers. If you don’t have a solution to this slowness issue, which so many of us are experiencing, I’ll have to consider going outside the box, whatever that might entail (another operating system perhaps).

I am having a very similar problem, I have a huge 1 TB SSD and 64 GB of memory and as the cache grows over the week the browser gets so slow and laggy and the only way is to clear your cache every single time to get it working smooth again. This should not be happening and optimizations should be in place no matter if you cache grows, Brave should be running smooth as it did the first day you installed it and not get worse everything single day. I found that as soon your cache grows the browsers goes slower and slower every single day no matter how powerful machine you have. They should make optimizations in place for this cache slow down problem.


This seems like an odd issue to me. I have Brave on four separate PC’s.
I don’t have any slow down in performance. My main has a couple Gigs of cache, and still runs fine. I am curious about this. I assume you’ve done the normal troubleshooting like a fresh install, removing any trace in Program Files of brave aswell. Have you cleared your actual %Temp% folder in Windows? It may not do anything, but doesn’t get rid of anything important if deleted. Check your Task Manager as well. I notice brave has a LOT of processes when open, and I’ve had issues with some staying open after closing the browser.

All the best, I hope it get resolved.

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