Brave getting worse after update at new design and engine (A LOT of bugs inside)

Well… I don’t know why you do this, but after major update from previous design version to the new, nearly nothing of annoying things fixed. Even more added.

Coming from the old version:

  1. Brave shield is still so paranoid. It blocks a lot of pictures/video hosting. As a result, i forced to disable it most of the times. I post a looong list of the problems in this area before… NOTHING fixed after 6 months!
  2. Brave shield ruin the design of the many popular sited. The same - i post the list, nothing fixed!
  3. There are no way to add the domain to blocking exceptions. In combine of 1-2 - it’s especially annoying.

Now about new, fresh bugs:

  1. Open Brave site. Open “community”. Press “join community”. WHAT popup is blocked?
  2. The same, but more deep problems with “popups”. Open Google. Search something. Use CTRL-Click to open in new tab. “Popup” blocked. BTW, right-click menu works well.
    It’s also a LOT of sites with this stupid “popup” problem - so, please, just DISABLE this until it will works.
  3. Transmission UI page (as an example, it’s more of this). If you try to add the torrent, and press “choose file” button - nothing happens. I bet the source of the problem is the same - “open file” dialogue treated as a “popup”.
  4. No more sync.

Guys, i appreciate you work, you have nice idea and overall good solution… But i become tired annoying bugs didn’t fixed for months… Maybe i need to migrate back to Firefox.

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there browser is riddled with bug after bug, i have been dealing with it for more than 3 months now and iv’e had it. i’m going back to firefox who gives a crap if i can be tracked whatever

This is because the version up to v0.25 is no longer supported, and so probably your messages have been marked as invalid.

You can’t make everything perfect right away. I don’t think that you can treat every page in advance in order to adapt the program code. Or do you think that and Facebook are exactly the same?

Then continue to report bugs diligently so that they can be fixed.

Yeah, I guess you should.

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From the top:

  1. Brave’s Shields are working exactly as intended. They block content based on how their configured by the user. “Pictures” are not blocked, but a picture gallery that uses a bit of Javascript might be. When video doesn’t work, it’s almost always because Shields are blocking an Ad/Tracker that prevents playback until access to it is allowed. This is one of many slimey maneuvers used to force users to watch ads whenever possible. When this happens, again, Shields are working exactly as intended and (unfortunately) so is the code in those videos. This is why we have places like Community so that compatibility issues like this can be looked at and taken into account as time allows.
  2. You again bring up this list you posted but I was the one who helped you with one of the few issues you’ve posted about, which contained a list of 3 websites that weren’t displaying images properly. The truth is that there’s ~2,000,000,000 websites online right now with an infinite set of variables and possible conflicts - there’s just no way to avoid some compatibility issues every now and then.
  3. In our new Shields panel, users will have the ability to individually whitelist not only individual ads/trackers, but apply a more granular approah to all Shields settings. Currently, you can already whitelist specific scripts in a specific domain:

    Related/relevant open issues to add these features:

As for the rest:

I’d be more than happy to help you with the problems you’re facing but you’ll have to post appropriately according to the guidelines.


@Mattches, two questions related to the shields:

I have the latest Brave/stable version (0.56.15). However, when I click to allow certain scripts on a site, I only have the “Apply” button without the drop down arrow and options of “Apply once / Apply until restart / Apply always” as shown in your screenshot. Is your screenshot from the beta/dev version of Brave or is there a glitch in my version (ie I should uninstall/reinstall)?

Secondly, about a month ago, I asked if a panel for saved shields settings (like the legacy/muon about:preferences#shields view) would be available. I looked at the github link you provided then and on Nov 6 the “feature/shields/panel” label was removed. Does that mean the feature is complete and will be available in the next version (sorry, I’m not sure how to interpret some things on github)?

We’re still updating the Shields panel with new features and improvements. One of them is the ability to Apply the settings for different periods:

Let me get back to you on the status of that menu. In the meantime, it’s obviously not as nice or convenient but if you click the lock icon on the left side of the address bar and click Site Settings, you’ll be able to see the individual settings of the domain you’re currently on. At least its something, right?

Yes, I’ve been using the site settings for the time being too. Thanks for the update!

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My pleasure.
Closing this thread now. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks!