Popups are not blocked

I am using Brave 1.57.47 on Linux Manjaro and find many popups appear despite having tuned on the preferences to block popups. Why?

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Hard to say when you don’t provide more information.

  • Is it only particular sites or happens randomly regardless of where you go?

  • Which Shields settings are you using?

  • Are you using any extensions? If so, have you tried disabling them?

Having the Brave version number and OS is definitely a lot more helpful than most, but would be great if you can try to offer more clues on what’s going on. I’m also going to link you to two little parts of an FAQ I’ve written which might get you some good guidance on making sure settings and filters are in place, that components are updated, and some troubleshooting steps to attempt (such as testing in private window).

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Sorry, I have not replied. I did not see yours as it did not display for me.

It is on sites which have popups, like

and many others.

the first 4 Shield settings are on, the next 2 are standard, block scripts is off, next is standard, cookies is cross-site, no content filtering from lists.

I have some extentions like uBlock Origin, and others that do not intendblock popups.
All Brave components are up to date.

Since some sites are fussy, I have not tried experimenting much with annoyance lists or stricter settings.

Thank you for comments.

I changed Tracker and ads blocking to agressive
and added the Fanboy annoyances and uBlock annoyances
and the two noted sites are no longer presenting popups.

So thank you, that helped.

Why does Brave rely on outsiders to prevent popup blocking?

What do you mean? Those filters are primarily written by Fanboynz, which is someone employed by Brave. There’s no outsider involved.

They just try to have as little filters and all active on Brave as possible by default. The more you have going increases the chances of websites breaking. So they keep it very basic by defaults and then have the settings for us to get it a bit more strict if we want/need.

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I had no idea. I thought the lists were public domain. That it great! I feel better about Brave now. Thank you.

He has long created them for uBlock and others. And you do have other people out there who create filters, all of which you’re able to activate and have running on Brave if you’d like.

But yes, they are shared for people to use. It’s not limited to Brave only, though he’s constantly working with everyone at Brave to improve on security and better adblock performance.

Great. I didn’t know he was part of the Brave team. Interesting.

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