New Brave shield UI

With the new Brave Shield UI I have to always press a button for the advanced view.
VERY sad that you removed the option to toggle the view I prefer(not you prefer).
I need the advanced view VERY often it is just annoying to always have to enlarge it to block/allow scripts.
Please give us the toggle back so I can for myself decide which view I want.

For now I disabled the new (horrible tbh) UI of Brave Shields and switched back to the old.

#brave-shields-v1 set to enabled
#brave-shields-v2 set to disable


I think they are keeping the v1, and they should I guess, for people like you who preferred that way… Personally, I’m cool with either of them as I’m not going to use the advance part very often (in fact, I rarely click that red lion logo, lol)

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Nothing against the new UI. I love fresh UI’s but then again leave the choice to the user what he wants to see as default. I mean it was there in the old UI :slight_smile:

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yeah, my thoughts exactly on my first sentence on the previous reply…
luckily it is in the flags, maybe they should add it in the setting though. not all users knowledgeable specially in the flags. Now, I understand why they set the v2 as default… so that users will immediately see it and make a feedback just like you did… we’ll soon see updates about this one (hopefully, crossfingers :crossed_fingers:)


The new Brave shields seems like a waste of space to me. It presents as a kind of advertising while not being as useful as a tool.

Does anyone know why this was changed? Kind of seems like change for changes sake.

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I concur, this looks awful. It will stay disabled forever on my machine.
Devs, maybe ask a few users as a sanity check before making these kinds of changes?

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@anoraknophobia , @the_le ,


I’d also like to add that “allow scripts once” is missing from v2 as well, which was really useful to me. Other than that, it’s functionally the same as v1 but more annoying to use because you have to click to drop down advanced options.

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I have an issue with this change that is not about aesthetics.

There is one button on the first page of the shields menu. That button is the “disable all defenses” button. In almost no circumstances would I ever want to press this button - if a site absolutely cannot function without tracking, that betrays that sites purpose and for me is sufficient to boycott it (and/or use the version to view their content anyways without supporting them).

The button I do want to press on a frequent basis - the one that controls javascript - is hidden in the second layer of the menu. I keep javascript off by default, turning it on when necessary; I also use noscript because it seems to offer better controls over js (or at least a more intuitive/obvious interface for providing those controls).

This change took time, money, and effort to implement, and from a security/UX perspective I cannot see why the above configuration would be considered superior to the previous one.

Is Brave attempting to encourage users to use the shields down button? If not, then why is it being made the most obvious and easily accessible choice? How is this an improvement to the users experience or the browsers functionality?

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I agree with you completely in regards to the new Shields Button Menu, this is a nonsensical change.

I was hoping to see more changes of a functional nature to give us a more fine grained approach to the Shields.

Obviously the Brave developers are NOT listening to what users want or they are ignoring requests for more control over the Shields.

This is a SIGNIFICANT reduction in usability as it now takes an extra click and significant mouse move to allow scripting once on a shields up site.

This change is a backwards step and is the exact opposite of what many were hoping for.

What on earth were the developers thinking when they decide to introduce this?.

I am quite fully aware that those options are under “Advanced Controls”.

I am also aware that the Brave “flags” can be changed to disable the Brave Shields V2 and enable the Brave Shields V1,
which I have done.

The point is many users do not have the knowledge to tamper with the Brave “flags” and do not like having to go through the extra mouse clicks to see what was previously displayed via simply clicking the Brave Shields icon.

I don’t know what on earth the Brave developers are trying to do with this change it is illogical and TOTALLY UNWARRANTED.

Sure there are much more serious issues that Brave developers should give much greater priority to.

But instead we get a pointless so called feature introduced which is inconvenient to Brave users.

Most Brave users would appreciate much more control over the Brave Shields settings.

Instead of those desirable changes we get this rubbish foisted upon us.

How many people here requested this feature in these forums?

The answer is NOBODY requested this change at all.